Collection: Wooden Chess Board

Our Wooden Chessboards in India Elevate Your Chess Experience

Playing on a wooden chess board has its own pleasure, and when the chess pieces are also wooden, this pleasure transforms into sheer excitement. Well, if you currently residing in India and already have your amazing set of chess pieces and are looking to buy chess board online. Our online chess store for Indian based people offers Wooden Chessboards made from inlaid exotic woods such as Bud Rosewood(Padauk), Ebony Wood, Rosewood, Sheesham Wood, Maple Wood.

Our selection of wooden chessboards encompasses a range of sizes, starting from 12.5 inches upto 23 inches. Within our inventory, you'll find folding chessboards and chessboards with notation, designed to cater to chess players of all skill levels. Our wooden chessboards not only enhance the appearance of your chess pieces but also gives you hours of an amazing gaming experience, all at an affordable price range. If you're looking for a combination of wooden chess pieces and a chessboard, our wooden chess sets section help you buy complete chess set as it has an array of amazing chess set combos.

Learning how to properly lay out a chessboard is a basic and essential thing. If you'd like help, see this blog post on chessboard setup.