Collection: Travel Chess Sets (Magnetic Chess Set)

Soulful Companion for Chess Beginners and Avid Travelers Based in India

Our Travel Chess Set(Magnet Chess Set) is widely popular in India due to its amazing craftsmanship, high-quality wooden materials, and, of course, its portable style. We have manufactured it especially for avid travelers and chess beginners who are always eager to learn chess. Crafted from high-quality Sheesham wood (Golden Rosewood), combined with the elegant beauty of Maplewood, these high-end travel chess sets deeply fascinate chess enthusiasts.

These versatile travel chess sets, available in a range of sizes from a compact 7 inches to an impressive 16 inches, can be your perfect companion during your travels. Whether you're on a long journey, waiting at the airport, relaxing in a park, or simply exploring a new destination in India, a Magnetic Chess Set provides a full opportunity to learn chess.

If you reside in India and are looking for a portable, affordable chess set made from high-quality wood, Travel chess set from Chessbazaar India can indeed be your trusted companion during your adventures.

What benefits are you getting from these chess sets?

  • While on a journey, the compact size of our travel chess set allows you to discover a world where you can ingeniously solve analytical problems in a logical manner.
  • The magnetic feature included in our travel chess set, excluding the 16" travel chess set, allows you to focus on the strategic game without the worry of pieces shifting or falling from the board.