The Next Thoughtful Gift for Your Child to Inspire Them Like Gukesh Dommaraju

Chess Set: The Next Thoughtful Gift for Your Child to Inspire Them Like 'Gukesh Dommaraju'

You're thinking about what to buy for your kid for their next birthday. You've seen all the remote control toys, gadgets, and other things. Are you looking to buy something thoughtful this time? If so, a chess set is the best gift you can buy on their next birthday.

You don't even need to wait for their birthday. A good performance in their assessment tests is also an excellent reason to buy them a chess set.

A chess set is the best thing to buy your kids at a young age.

'But why? Won't it be a boring choice for my kids? My kid is too young to play Chess.' - These are the most apparent arguments that people come up with whenever someone suggests buying a chess set as a gift for kids. And to all such people, plus those confused about whether a chess set makes a good gift option, this blog will answer all your questions and remove all your doubts.

We'll start with the most common reasons why parents avoid buying Chess sets as gifts for their kids.

Key Takeaways -

  • A chess set is a thoughtful and educational gift for kids, offering entertainment and cognitive development.
  • Playing Chess offers numerous benefits for children, including enhanced cognitive skills, improved academic performance, and increased memory and concentration.
  • Chessbazaar offers exceptional-quality products, a diverse selection, competitive pricing, expert customer service, and a secure shopping experience.
  • Parents can buy the best quality chess sets online from Chessbazaar to introduce their kids to the game and foster a lifelong love for Chess.

'Chess is Too Complex for Kids' - It is NOT

You may think like that and make it a solid reason for not buying a chess set. But read the following -

Gukesh Dommaraju, the Indian chess prodigy, recently became the second youngest grandmaster in history after winning the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament.

And guess what? Gukesh started playing Chess when he was just seven years old.

What would have happened if he had not been asked to play Chess at a young age because of the thought that Chess is too complex for kids?

We hope we've made our point crystal clear. But don't worry; we have so much more to convince you why Chess is a thoughtful gift for kids. But before that, let's shed some focus on Gukesh Dommaraju's journey to becoming the second-youngest grandmaster.

Gukesh Dommaraju - The Young Indian Chess Prodigy

The story of Indian Grandmaster Gukesh Dommaraju offers a heartwarming testament to the ability of Chess to shape young minds. At just 17 years of age, Gukesh has made history by becoming the youngest-ever winner of the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament. This victory not only set the stage for a World Championship showdown with GM Ding Liren but also positioned Gukesh as the youngest challenger ever at age 17. His potential win could mark him as the youngest classical world champion in history.

Gukesh's journey began remarkably early when he captured the grandmaster title at only 12 years and seven months old. By July 2022, he had touched a live rating of 2700, making him the fourth-youngest to achieve such a feat. By September 2023, his prowess saw him ranked eighth globally and the top player in India, succeeding the legendary GM Viswanathan Anand and concluding Anand's 37-year tenure as India's number one.

So, what do we understand from this?

Gukesh's story perfectly illustrates how thoughtful it is to gift a chess set to your kid that can be the gateway to your child's lifelong passion and possibly a stellar career in Chess.

'But I don't think my kid wants to become a chess player.'
We saw it coming, and that's why we added the next section that talks about the benefits of playing Chess for kids.

Benefits of Playing Chess for Kids

Chess is not a game that focuses on only one objective: becoming a grandmaster in the future. It is an excellent exercise for young brains and offers many benefits for children, extending well beyond the chessboard.

School Students playing chess
In the Picture you can see students are playing with plastic chess set (Recently Chessbazaar donated chess sets to Government Aided Schools)

Here's how engaging in this timeless game can contribute positively to a child's development:

  1. Enhances Cognitive Skills: Chess stimulates the brain, encouraging kids to exercise logic, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Each move requires foresight and critical thinking, essential skills in academic and everyday situations.
  2. Improves Academic Performance: Numerous studies have linked Chess playing with improved math, reading comprehension, and science performance. The skills acquired through Chess, such as analyzing and strategic planning, translate directly to the ability to tackle complex problems, which is invaluable in education.
  3. Boosts Memory and Concentration: Chess requires players to remember numerous combinations of moves and their outcomes. Regular practice can enhance a child's memory and concentration levels, helping them to focus better on tasks and reduce their chances of being easily distracted.
  4. Teaches Planning and Foresight: One of the critical components of Chess is the ability to plan and foresee the consequences of actions. This skill is incredibly beneficial as it teaches children to consider all possible outcomes and consequences before making decisions.
  5. Promotes Problem-Solving Skills: Each game of Chess is like a new puzzle that needs solving. This is an excellent way for children to develop and hone their problem-solving skills as they figure out how to effectively counter their opponent's moves.

‘That's it! I want to buy a chess set for my kid. Where can I buy the best quality chess sets online?'

Alright, we understand you've made the right decision to buy a chess set as the next gift for your kid. To make them fall in love with Chess, you must ensure you buy only the best quality chess set.

Chessbazaar - Most Trusted Online Chess Store

Chessbazaar is the premier online destination for chess lovers looking to purchase high-quality chess sets and accessories. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, Chessbazaar offers an extensive range of products, from traditional wooden chess sets that bring a classic feel to any game to robust tournament chess sets designed for competitive play.

German Knight Chess Set
German Knight Chessmen in Ebonized / Boxwood - 3" King with Board & Pouch

Whether your kid is a beginner or has been playing Chess for a while, Chessbazaar caters to every need with its wide selection of chess pieces, boards, and accessories. Each item is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring durability and a pleasing aesthetic.

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Buy Your Kid a Chess Set from Chessbazaar

A chess set is a fun and entertaining game and a valuable educational tool that can help improve kids' cognitive skills and critical thinking.

Chessbazaar offers a wide selection of Chess sets to suit every child's preferences and skill level. From classic wooden Chess sets to professional tournament sets, Chessbazaar has it. Our range includes options like tournament chess sets, professional chess sets, and even antique chess sets.

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Wrapping up

First of all, on behalf of the entire Chessbazaar team, we wish Gukesh Dommaraju good luck for his future chess matches.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong in saying that a chess set is an ideal and thoughtful gift for kids, offering numerous benefits. It encourages social interaction, teamwork, and sportsmanship, and offers various other benefits whether played with family, friends, or in organized competitions.

Gifting Chess to kids is not just about fun; it's about nurturing their minds and fostering growth in various aspects of their lives.

Buy Chess sets online for your kids at the best price from Chessbazaar.

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