Checkmate Series Tournament Plastic Chess Set

Buying Plastic Chess Set: Are They Worth the Money?

Most fascinated minds are intrigued by chess and enjoy getting inspired by the strategic thinking involved in playing it. This timeless game is a great way to escape reality and immerse oneself in the world of moves. Although it is readily available for beginners as well as seasoned players still finding the right chess set is quite crucial. Exploring can be extensive with all the available options like Tournament chess sets, Wooden chess sets, metal chess sets, etc. Would you like to find out more about some of the popular chess sets? Let’s get started-

  1. Wooden Chess Sets - The most classic and traditional material for chess sets is wood. There are different types of wood like Maple, Rosewood, Walnut, and Ebony that are used to make these timeless pieces. The best part about wooden chess sets is that hand-carved detailed design that is often referred to as masterpieces. The players who wish to have that aesthetic and organic feel always go for these chess sets.

  2. Plastic Chess Sets - Always in demand for casual players and beginners, plastic chess sets are often the first choice of many. Lightweight, durability, and feasible availability are some of the traits that these chess sets offer for sure. However, there can be a lack of craftsmanship in this practical and portable set. Mostly it is seen that plastic chess sets are perfect for educational purposes and the complete novices.

Seems like you are confused about which chess set will align with your requirements. Well, plastic chess sets are usually the best options for enthusiasts who are just getting started and do not wish to strain their budget. There is no need to invest in those fancy vinyl chess boards to share the joy of chess on special occasions as plastic chess sets will be perfect to serve the purpose. Now that you have an idea that a plastic chess set might be your choice let’s get into the details before making a purchase.


Reasons to Buy Plastic Chess Sets

  • Affordability - A novice chess player will never invest in a tournament chess set in India or anywhere else. They will always prefer to pick an affordable chess set and nothing beats a plastic chess set in terms of low cost. Unlike wooden chess sets, plastic chess sets are usually on the lower end of the price spectrum. So, if budget is your concern, then a plastic chess set will surely be compelling for you.
  • Portability - Another factor is portability. Do you wish to take a chess set outside your home? If yes, then you need a chess set that fits in your bag perfectly. Guess what! Plastic chess sets are portable also and unlike silicone chess boards, there is no worry about the damage. You can take these lightweight and versatile chess sets to a game night, vacation, chess club, or wherever you go.

  • Variety in Designs - It is not at all right to think that plastic chess sets do not come in different styles. In fact, there is an array of designs available that can even replicate the look of wooden chess sets. From classic to unique, you can find all the versatility in these chess sets. Getting the desired chess set in terms of looks definitely enhances the experience of playing. So, think about the type of appeal that can catch your eye.

  • Durability - Can you compromise on durability while investing? No, right? This is where the longevity of plastic chess sets plays an integral role. Unlike wooden chess pieces, these are resistant to moisture and do not warp over time. There are very less chances of plastic chess pieces breaking which ensures the money you spend will reward you in the coming years.

  • No or Low Maintenance - Is it a task for you to maintain a wooden chess set? All that regular polishing and proper handling to maintain aesthetics is sometimes too much. You can totally skip that with plastic chess sets that need minimal maintenance. Just simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt if required and the pieces will remain in good condition for a long time.

In short, you won’t regret putting your money into high-quality plastic chess sets.

Steps to Follow to Buy the Right Plastic Chess Set

Almost every choice begins with the aesthetics and the chess set is also the same. You need to check out different designs to determine what pleases you the most.

Step #1: Prioritize Style First

You can choose a traditional or non-conventional style of a plastic chess set depending on your requirement.

Step #2: Then Consider Chess Set Size

Once you are sure about the design, you can move further with size consideration. Both large and small chess sets have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you must think about them before buying. For instance, a large chess set will give you more comfort in playing but a smaller one will be convenient for travel.

Step #3: Prefer High Quality

Quality of material is also an important factor to acknowledge as not all plastics are the same. If you plan to make a good investment, then picking up the high-quality plastic chess set is the key.

Step #4: Choose Preferred Price Range

Lastly, the most prominent aspect is price range. Decide on a budget beforehand and search for the chess sets accordingly.

All these factors will allow you to make a considerate choice for your chess journey.

Top Plastic Chess Sets Available at Chessbazaar India

The Study Tournament Plastic Chess Pieces & Roll up Chess Board Combo- 3.1” King (Buy from here)

Chessbazaar India Tournament Plastic Chess Series

This Staunton design plastic chess set will set the bar too high for those fancy blitz games. Who says plastic chess sets cannot be sturdy and does not come with a robust knight! It is all possible with this inspirational series tournament plastic chess set. Crafted with exceptional quality black-dyed and natural white solid plastic, this chess set comes with 32 chessmen and 15-inch roll-up chessboard.

Tournament Plastic Chess Pieces

The king of this chess set stands tall at 3.11 inches height and has a base of 1.29 inches with a felted green base just like every other piece. For ultimate beautification, these are created with high precision and a special coating is done to keep the surface smudge-proof while playing. Unlike other plastic chess sets, this is not going to give you that instability while playing.

Explore this amazing chess set right away!

The Checkmate Series Tournament Plastic Chess Set- Heavily Weighted with Extra Queens- 3.75” King (Buy from here)

Tournament Plastic Chess Set Checkmate Series

Be ready to rock and roll your next game of chess with an exclusive Checkmate series tournament plastic chess set. Winning feels different when the chessmen are magnificently designed with the best quality material. This plastic chess set with class Staunton outlook is just perfect to give you that sturdy experience.

Exquisitely made in India, this plastic chess set features a king of 3.75” inches in height and 1.45 inches in base. Those extra queens make a total of 34 chessmen which is ideal for pawn promotion. It not only feels good while holding but also stays stable while playing due to their rightly weighted pattern.

Staunton style plastic chess pieces

How about finding out more about this classy plastic chess set?

Still not certain which chess set is appropriate for you? Don't fret, as the experts at Chessbazaar, an online chess store based in India, are here to guide you at every stage, from the beginning to the purchase. Contact us!

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