Chess Books

Chess is a wonderful strategy game and best mental exercise. Multiple researches in the field has proved the following benefits of chess. A group of people playing chess showed a significant advancement in spatial, numerical and administrative-directional abilities, along with verbal aptitudes. Though proficiency in the game can be achieved only by playing with a competitor but books teach a lot about the game if you are a beginner or novice player. Multiple books are available in the market that can teach the fine art of the game.

These books are written in a simple language so that even a layman is able to follow the instructions. We have a range of books available starting from basic information related to the game like how to set up the chess board upto books which will be helpful to even a professional chess player. Our chess book range include first moves: how to start a chess game, beginning chess play, learn from Garry Kasparov’s greatest games, the art of chess, begin chess, 303 tactical chess puzzles, winning chess: pieces by pieces, chess for children, 202 challenging chess puzzles, pick of the best chess problems, 100 awesome chess moves.