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We have introduced the Luxury Chess Set for our Indian chess enthusiasts, collectors, and, obviously, players as well, who seek premium-quality chess sets that are aesthetically pleasing in design. We launched these chess sets in premium-quality wood, namely Ebony and Bud Rosewood (aka Padauk wood).

When talking about design, our artisans meticulously hand-carved these chess sets, ensuring that the perfection of these sets catches the eye of one who has good taste in aesthetics. Additionally, the design of the knight in our Luxury Chess Set takes the spotlight due to the in-depth and precise carving techniques carried out by our skilled artisans.

These chess sets are not just wooden games; but also carry a unique work of art. This makes our luxury chess sets a delight for collectors, players of all levels, and chess enthusiasts. In our collection, we have range of luxury chess sets available in different design, pattern, style and price range.

Wondering who can buy these luxury chess sets?

Anyone with a keen interest in luxury style and those who value aesthetics can buy these chess sets from us. In addition, our luxury chess sets become the prominent choice for the following purposes:

  • Gifting to a loved one
  • Home décor for styling corners
  • Decorating commercial spaces
  • Collectors who passionately collect luxurious chess sets
  • Avid players who love to play chess in a lavish style.

If you align with the purposes we've mentioned above for owning a luxury chess set, consider buying chess set from our extensive range of collection. Browse our beautifully designed chess sets and order your favorite chess set with full confidentiality.